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Christian Piteau Luthier

Custom-built guitars and lutherie services; modifications, complete setups, and maintenance of guitars.

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Lutherie Services

Prices indicated are for typical services but may vary depending on your requirements, in which case a personalized quote can be provided. Your satisfaction with setups and repairs is guaranteed for 30 days. Contact me for more details. 


Basic setup (see description)

Inspection of instrument, cleaning, lubrication and adjustments. Installation of new strings (new set of strings not included). Trying out the instrument with the customer.

Acoustic guitar (with or without elec.) = $ 80
Electric guitar and bass = $ 90 (floating bridge + $ 25)

(+ $ 5 per additional strings)

12 string acoustic guitar = $ 105

Complete setup (basic setup + $ 110) includes full leveling and polishing of the frets

Nut and Saddle Replacement

Prefabricated : $ 35 + parts + basic setup (recommended)

Custom-made : $ 65 in bone or other materials depending on availability + basic setup

String Replacement

Includes instrument cleaning and fingerboard lubrication (when applicable) : $ 25 (6 string),

$ 32 (classical, 12 string, bass and floating bridge).

Strings are available at the workshop but are not included.

Description of the basic setup;  visual inspection of the instrument, complete cleaning, lubrication of parts and electronics as needed, lubrication of the fingerboard (when applicable), minor adjustments and polishing of the frets, adjustments to the truss rod (neck relief) ), height of the nut and bridge saddles, adjustment of string radius and height for a comfortable playing action, adjustment of intonation, re-string the instrument (new string set not included), try out of the instrument with the customer in the workshop .



Pickup replacement = 1 ($ 50), 2 ($ 75), 3 ($ 100) + parts. Any other modifications  to the guitar are not included.

Pickup replacement in a pickguard or a string-through body guitar = 1 ($ 75), 2 ($ 100), 3 ($ 125) + parts + string replacement.

Complete rewire of pickups and harness = $ 135 + parts (up to 6 parts), $ 20 per additional part
Hollow body “accessed by F-holes” = $ 160 + parts

(up to 6 parts), $ 20 per additional part

Replace toggle switch = $ 35 + parts
Replace jack = $ 25 + parts

Additional Services and Repairs


Complete fretwork = $ 330 + parts + basic setup + any additional costs for the finish (if required) + non-standard frets not included (contact me)

Fret end dressing (24 frets max) = $ 60

Contact me for :

Re-gluing or installing a bridge

Repairs of cracks or breakage

Replacement or installation of parts

Repairs to the finish

Installation of acoustic pickups

Shielding of control cavity

Various lutherie services and repairs at $ 75/hour

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Instruments for sale

HOME: Inventory

These instruments are custom-built and are for sale in the showroom. Please contact me for more information or to make an appointment for a trial. Click on the listen button to hear these instruments.

La Cardinale Rouge  2022

GT2 retouche 2_edited_edited.jpg

$ 4,525 CAD

Le Geai Bleu 202


Demo price $ 4,000 CAD

Ukulele 2021



Traditional Parlor Guitar 2021

GT1 retouche 2_edited_edited.jpg

Demo Price $ 3,750 CAD

Modern Parlor Guitar 2021

GM retouche 2_edited.jpg

$ 4,775 CAD

Classical Guitar 2021

GC retouche 2_edited.jpg

$ 4,925 CAD

Custom-built guitars

I make custom-built guitars with the highest quality materials selected for their aesthetic, acoustic and mechanical properties. Contact me to discuss your dream guitar project and

I can make it a reality.

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About the luthier

Christian Piteau has been a luthier since 2021, following a 24-year career as an architectural technician. He developed a passion for designing and building custom guitars, as well as the repair and modifications of instruments. His motivation was initiated by an introductory course on setups and maintenance offered by his luthier. He was drawn to guitar making and woodworking and he realised that a career change was in his future. He returned to school to complete a DEC in lutherie. After 3 years of studies, he graduated from the Bruand lutherie guitar school workshop at the top of the 2021 class.


Due to experience from his previous field, he designs his instruments in collaboration with his clients. His goal is to inform and guide you through all aspects of your dream instrument project. He strives to advise you to choose the appropriate materials and design to get the tone, aesthetics and playability of the instrument that you are looking for, according to the style of music you are playing.

He is proud to welcome you to the workshop to show you his instruments as well as to cater to all your lutherie needs. Come to the showroom to discover his guitars.

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Contact me

Christian Piteau Luthier

5425 Rue de Bordeaux # 201A

Montreal, QC H2H 2P9

by appointment only

(514) 451-3208

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